We all know that how addictive we are to our Smartphones. Perhaps the first thing we do in the morning is to check our Smartphone (really important!). Students are no exception. One Smart Guy, “Maths Mathisen” have figured out a solution to this addiction. It’s his brand new app – “Hold” which pays you for not using your smartphone! All you have to do is just don’t look at your phone for a continues 20 minutes time (really hard task! Isn’t it?) and you will get a point that can be used to order a Pizza or grab discount on Amazon shopping . App is currently available to UK university students only and has plans to expand to other educational & work areas (Let’s hope it for general public as well!) in future. Well, It’s kinda of bribe to those who are slaves of their phone to free them from slavery. Really!

Source: The Next Web, Hold App.

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